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Here's lots of background information that will simplify your job as Top Desk Administrator. We want to provide you with the most relevant and current rap sheets on the various species, their modes of entry, and their impacts. The resources will assist you in your efforts to teach your young detectives about crimes committed by these invaders and help book the "bad guys" as they take on various cases.

All activities located in Case Files on the top black bar have been

aligned with science education standards for Illinois and Indiana, as well as National Science Education Standards.  Your students will be successful in "solving" these cases by making good use of the site's instructional materials, including teacher resources you can access from folders on the left side of this page.

You will also find hands-on lesson plans for your classroom or non-formal education programs, along with videos, CDs, education trunks, fact sheets, photos, and maps. We will also alert you to new workshops and courses as well as Web links and places to order preserved specimens. We encourage you to submit high quality student projects. Find the guidelines in the Dropsite for Student Projects file.

To see what Sea Grant Programs have to offer on aquatic invaders, click on the notebook.