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ESCAPE Compendium and Game Set

IISG-01-26-SET Curriculum and games
IISG-01-17 Curriculum
IISG-01-25 Games

Brighten up your curriculum with the ESCAPE compendium and game set. This package includes 36 user-friendly lessons on invasive species as well as two interactive games—Rival for Survival (a species competition game) and Beat the Barriers (a sea lamprey game)—designed to make
learning fun.

To purchase the curriculum, game set or both, please contact Terri Hallesy at the contact information listed on this page.

Sample Activites

Rival for Survival
Lesson Plan | Gameboard

Don't Stop for Hitchhikers
Lesson Plan

Seeing Purple: A Population Explosion
Lesson Plan | Student Worksheet

Invader Species of the Great Lakes
Lesson Plan

Great Lake Grief
Lesson Plan | Newspaper Assignment

Rust Never Sleeps
Lesson Plan

What are the Characteristics of the
Great Lakes Exotic Species
Lesson Plan | Puzzles Pieces

We're the Future of the Great Lakes
Lesson Plan



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