Try to arrest Zeke "the Prowler" Zebra Mussel

Origin and Distribution

From which two seas did zebra mussels originally travel?
  A. Caspian Sea and Aral Sea
  B. Coral Sea and Arabian Sea
  C. Aral Sea and Caribbean Sea
  D. Dead Sea and Bering Sea
  E. Mediterranean Sea and Baltic Sea


Zebra mussels hitched a ride on the back of their namesake, the zebra, to get to the Great Lakes region of the U.S.

Environmental Impact

Zebra mussels can suffocate these important and sometimes rare and endangered species:
  A. Native mussels
  B. Warblers
  C. Copperbelly water snake
  D. Gray bat
  E. Bald eagle

Economic Impact

The zebra mussel's sticky byssal threads make them difficult to remove, and make repairs expensive when they attach to surfaces causing both water intake pipes and boat motors to clog.


The spread of zebra mussels can be slowed by doing the following
  A. Drying all fishing equipment for at least five days
  B. Emptying bait bucket water on land and disposing unwanted bait in the trash.
  C. Collecting zebra mussels from one lake and taking them home with you.
  D. A and B
  E. All of the above