Find 7 Ways to Prevent Spread
Hitchhiker Hullabaloo

Escape from Custody
[Spread of Invaders]

Recent jailbreaks have resulted in a number of invasive species on the loose in our waters. These criminals have many sneaky ways to travel under the radar, so beware! Detective Thumb-a-Ride is an expert in understanding how these species get around, and you can be, too. Study the case files and help her round up the bad guys.

Here’s the scoop—Are you in grades 4–6 (or just starting to investigate the invaders)? Click on one or more of the case files listed under Junior Detective on the top left and test your skills. If you’re in grades 7–10 (or want a bigger challenge) you can be a Super Sleuth. Check out the files on the bottom left. Try to solve one case, or do more. Detective Dollars and Sense is counting on you!