Number of Strikes

lake trout
All of the above

with a comprehensive monitoring program
by prohibiting the transfer of green crabs
by throwing spears at the green crab
A and B
All of the above

with antenna
by sense of smell
with neuromasts
with very good eyesight

I clog up nets and fishing lines.
My hook damages fish when they eat me and can kill them.
I clog up the engines of fishing boats.
I eat all of the big fish.


Wash all the equipment with 104 degree water and dry your fishing equipment for at least five days.
Release any hitchhkikers found on the boat into a different pond or lake.
Scrape all the zebra mussels off by hand or spray the equipment with a hose.
Only remove water from the boat motor.
A and C
B and D


Parcoblatta Cockroaches
Lycosa Spiders
Galerucella Beetles
Gryllotalpa Crickets


with weed-killer
with fish and insects
with nutria
with electric barriers