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Welcome to Sea Grant's Kids' Secret Headquarters just for you – our Junior Detectives and Super Sleuths. There's lots of fun information here on aquatic invaders to help you track them down and crack the case.

As you work on solving each case and booking these aquatic suspects, you'll want to gather information on them. That's why we've put together "Who's Who?" and "What's New?" pages to give you clues about each invader. Be sure to investigate the "Suspects" page for important details about each creature.

When questions come up while you investigate these "bad guys,"use this site to find the answers. But if you get stumped, you can also "Ask the Experts" to develop new leads and find what you're looking for.

We also have a page where your school projects and other successful investigations can be shared with other detectives. Ask your teacher to submit those school projects and share your detective work with students from all over the world.

Good luck nabbing the aquatic invaders! We know you'll use the clues to help crack the case.