Nab the Aquatic Invaders

Major arrests need to be made in the fight against invading aquatic plants and animals. These invaders have hitchhiked to U.S. waters and are on the loose creating huge problems, such as impacts on biodiversity. We’re looking for kids in grades 4–10 who want to help book these “bad guys” for their disruptive activities.

You can be a private investigator on the case and help the other detectives “book the bad guys.” Start by Meeting the Suspects and then read their profile sheets. Uncover more clues by solving the case files on each Detective Page and collect evidence and background information to help you catch each suspect.

When you think you have enough evidence to “book a bad guy” click on the “Book’em” file and answer the questions. Don’t forget to read them their rights!
Good Luck!

Great Lakes Information Network