Try to arrest Clyde "the Smacker" Silver Carp

Origin and Distribution

American fish farmers brought silver carp from ____ in the ____.
  A. Spain in the 1700s
  B. Japan in the 1800s
  C. Australia in the 1930s
  D. Venezuela in the 1970s
  E. None of the above


In 1993, silver carp were able to escape from catfish farms because of a ____, and have since traveled up the Mississippi River.
  A. Drought
  B. Hurricane
  C. Flood
  D. Tornado
  E. None of the above

Environmental Impact

One silver carp can eat over 40% of its weight each day in phytoplankton and zooplankton (the base of the aquatic food chain), leaving native fish searching for food.

Economic Impact

Once silver carp reach the Great Lakes, they will easily take over the ecosystem and decrease the numbers of native fish.  Once this happens they will become the main species caught by commercial fisherman.


Other than doing your part by not throwing live baby carp (which are used for bait) into the Great Lakes, what other methods are used to control them?
  A. Building an electric barrier south of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship canal
  B. Throwing bait into uninfested bodies of water
  C. Poisoning (a type of biological control)
  D. All of the above
  E. None of the above