Try to arrest Fiton "the Offender" Fishhook Flea

Origin and Distribution

The fishhook flea came to North America from the:
  A. Mediterranean Sea
  B. Caspian Sea
  C. Aral Sea
  D. Bering Sea
  E. B, C and D


Like many other invasive species, the fishhook flea made its way to North America via:
  A. The pet industry
  B. Anglers who use it as bait
  C. Swimming from Europe
  D. Ballast water
  E. None of the above

Environmental Impact

By eating and competing with native zooplankton, mussels, and small fish, the 1 cm. long fishhook flea pushes them out and dominates the bottom of the food chain.

Economic Impact

The fishhook flea causes problems for the fishing industry by eating fishing lines and nets, reducing the commercial fishing catch.


The fishhook flea cannot be controlled.  So what can you do to stop the spread to new water bodies?
  A. Clean boats
  B. Clean fishing gear
  C. Buy indestructible fishing nets/lines
  D. A and B
  E. All of the above