Try to arrest Gabby "the Lowlife" Round Goby

Origin and Distribution

The round goby came from the ____ and ____ seas.
  A. Caribbean and Aral
  B. Black and Caspian
  C. Red and North
  D. Mediterranean and Adaman
  E. Okhotsk and Japan


After invading the St. Clair River and the Great Lakes, where is the round goby's next possible destination?
  A. Ohio River
  B. Mississippi River
  C. Missouri River
  D. Illinois River
  E. None of the above

Environmental Impact

Although the round goby negatively affects the ecosystem by devouring many native fish such as sculpin, log perch and darters, it also helps reduce another invasive species by eating more than 75 zebra mussels each day.

Economic Impact

The tourism and recreation industries (fishing, boating and swimming) have problems caused by round gobies because they
  A. Compete with other fish for bait, so often that only gobies are caught
  B. Attack fishing boats and swimmers
  C. Aggressively take bait from hooks
  D. A and C only
  E. All of the above


Round gobies can safely be used as bait and are good addition to your home aquarium.