Try to arrest Louie “Sucker Mouth” Lamprey

Origin and Distribution

Sea lampreys invaded the United States from what ocean?
  A. Mediterranean Sea
  B. Pacific Ocean
  C. Atlantic Ocean
  D. A and C
  E. A and B


The sea lampreys first made their way to the Great Lakes by way of shipping canals in the St. Lawrence River.

Environmental Impact

During its life span, the sea lamprey can consume up to ____ pounds of fish.
  A. 4,000
  B. 500
  C. 40
  D. 3
  E. None of the above

Economic Impact

Because sea lampreys prefer native fish such as round gobies, burbot, lake trout, and whitefish, they severely affected the Great Lakes commercial fishing industry in the 1950s.


Which methods are used to control sea lampreys?
  A. Lampricides
  B. Sterilization of the males
  C. Commercial fishing of sea lampreys
  D. Electric barriers
  E. A, B and D