Try to arrest Rusty “the Bully” Crayfish

Origin and Distribution

Rusty Crayfish came from the Tennessee River Valley in Kentucky and Tennessee.


The Rusty Crayfish has traveled North by: _______?
  A. Anglers using me for bait.
  B. being sold as an aquarium pet or supplied to schools.
  C. being raised as food and bait.
  D. All of the above.

Environmental Impact

The Rusty Crayfish is truly a troublemaker he can:
  A. Defend himself against fish attacks.
  B. Mate with other crayfish species, reducing their numbers.
  C. Eat the eggs of native fish & destroy beds of aquatic plants.
  D. Pinch humans hard when they step on him.
  E. All of the above.

Economic Impact

The most serious impact of the Rusty Crayfish is the destruction of aquatic plant beds which reduces the habitat for invertebrates, shelter and nesting substrate for fish and causes erosion control.


The best way to control the Rusty Crayfish is to be very careful not to spread it to other places by using it as bait or taking it home as a pet.