What is the Beauty in the Beasties?
Level:  Junior Detective

Detective EcoFriend has gotten word that purple loosestrife spreads quickly and is hard to control.  See how quickly it spreads by moving your mouse over the picture and watch it grow.  For more information on purple loosestrife, visit the Minnesota Sea Grant.

Each mature plant produces 2.7 million seeds each year.   Each image  consists of two mature plants.  Assuming all the purple loosestrife plants in the picture are mature, calculate how many seeds will be produced in a year.  Your answer must include numbers and commas with the commas in the right locations.

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This activity was adapted from "What is the Beauty in the Beasties Species?" created by Catherine Kiffe, N.P. Moss Annex, Lafayette, Louisiana, as part of the Exotic Aquatics on the Move project funded by National Sea Grant College Program