The Cost of Invaders
Level:  Junior Detective

Help Detective Dollars and Sense protect our piggy banks by solving this case.  Read the fact sheet at from the ANS Task Force and answer the following questions.  Good Luck!


1.  How much money is spent to manage and control zebra mussels and purple loosestrife?

2.  Because of this species' invasion, the fishing industry is expected to lose $119,000,000.
Green Crab

3.  Using chemicals is a good way to control sea lamprey.

4.  It is estimated that the 15 most recent species introductions will be very costly to the U.S. economy.  If there were 10 additional introductions by 2050, would it cost more or less than $134,000,000,000?

5.  Sea lamprey almost wiped out the lake trout population.  Why would this create problems?
The trout supply went down from 15,000,000 pounds in the 1930's to 300,000 pounds in the 1960's.
Fishermen lost jobs.
The cost to buy trout for the average family went up after the sea lampreys invaded.
All of the above

This activity was written by Jennifer Fackler, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, funded
by National Sea Grant College Program.