What's for Lunch?
Level:  Super Sleuth

Test your knowledge of the prey and predators of exotic species!

The best way to solve this case would be to read the Rap Sheets of these alleged suspects. For a little help, here are some links that contains the clues to unravel this case. To help you in with your task, each of these links will open in a separate window so you can stay on course with the quiz. Good Luck!!

Louie "Sucker Mouth" Sea Lamprey
Zeke "the Prowler" Zebra Mussel
Purple "Lucky" Loosestrife
Rocco "Ravenous" Ruffe
Fiton "the Offender" Fishhook Flea
Gabby "the Lowlife" Round Goby

1.  What does a round goby like to munch?
  A.  Lake Trout
  B.  Zebra Mussel
  C.  Lake Sturgeon
  D.  Fishhook Flea

2.  What is the lunch for fishhook fleas?
  A.  Daphnia lumholtzi zooplankton
  B.  Bullfrong Tadpoles
  C.  Zebra Mussels
  D.  Clams

3.  What is the main entree for a zebra mussel?
  A.  Fishhook Fleas
  B.  Phytoplankton
  C.  Silver Carp
  D.  Native Mussels

4.  What is the favorite snack for the sea lamprey?
  A.  Green Crab
  B.  Nutria
  C.  Lake Trout
  D.  Round Goby

5.  What do ruffe like to devour?
  A.  Nutria
  B.  Marsh Plants
  C.  Phytoplankton
  D.  Larval Fish

6.  What predator might eat purple loosestrife?
  A.  Green Crab
  B.  Yellow Perch
  C.  Sea Gulls
  D.  Galerucella Beetles

7.  Which predator would eat the fishhook flea even though it has a spiny tail?
  A.  Daphnia lumholtzi zooplankton
  B.  Native Mussels
  C.  Raccoons
  D.  Salmon

8.  Which invasive species is a predator of the zebra mussel?
  A.  Round Gobies
  B.  Lake Trout
  C.  Fishhook Fleas
  D.  Phytoplankton

9.  What predator would not be brave enough to eat a sea lamprey?
  A.  Snapping Turtles
  B.  Burbot
  C.  Eagles
  D.  Humans

10.  What predator might rough up a ruffe?
  A.  Daphnia lumholtzi zooplankton
  B.  Northern Pike
  C.  Blue Mussel
  D.  Sea Lamprey

The concept for this activity was created by Helen Domske, New York Sea Grant and the questions were written by Angela Archer, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, through a grant funded by the National Sea Grant College Program.